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Boo: “Here is one cent – – for being my Mom.”  She holds out a penny for my inspection.

I say, “A penny, huh?  That is what I’m worth for being your Mom?” Moments like these, I wish I was able to lift just one of my eyebrows… 

Boo: “Actually, you are worth a quarter.  But, this is all I have.”

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I put together a basic PDF Weekly Schedule for Homeschool.  It is based off of time vs. specific assignments. 

**This time, the link is there…LOL!!

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As a Reader in general – – and a Homeschooler, specifically, I am always on the hunt for good books. One of my MySpace buddies, introduced me to Paper Back Swap. I absolutely LOVE their site!!

Today, while surfing, I came across Book Mooch, Frugal Reader and What’s on My Bookshelf. So far, they are not quite as user friendly as PBS; however, I shouldn’t be so quick to judge – – I’ll give it a couple weeks and see.

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I got this from RedMolly who got it: From the NYT Lede blog:

The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, is trying to encourage more of her citizenry to read books by giving boxes of as many as nine books to 400,000 poor families, according to The Economist. The big question, of course, is which nine books, exactly? The London-based weekly newsmagazine said Chile’s selected titles, like “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger and “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, were “unexceptionable fare.”

How about you? If you had to fill a box with nine books that everyone ought to have, what would they be? What if you had to pick just one work of literature?

Wow. Nine and only nine. What a concept! Should one go for the lofty and cerebral? The literary and timeless? The uproariously funny?

Here’s my list, which I’m sure I’ll revise mentally many times over: 

  1. A Collegiate Dictionary. I can not even tell you how often I use this resource. (Less since I have spell-check on my computer.)

  2. A Collegiate Thesaurus. For the same reason as above.

  3. A Cookbook! If you choose to cook – – a cookbook is an invaluable resource, when you begin. It is also a spectacular resource when needing specific ‘food’ questions answered.

  4. A Fix-It Manual. My husband has used this resources MANY, MANY times!!

  5. A Short History of Nearly Everything. Self Explanatory.

  6. To Kill A Mockingbird. Just ’cause I liked it.

  7. Simple Abundance. Learning gratitude is so important – – and this is a super fun way to do it.

  8. Life 101. I love how much GOOD info is in here – – AND – – I LOVE the quotes on every other page.

  9. Christmas Carol. ‘Cause it is my husbands fav. And you? I’m so tempted to tag here, despite my fear of calling anyone out by name, but rest assured that this is one in upon which I most heartily encourage y’all to weigh.

 And you?

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Complete Curriculum for K-12 in American History

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Several years ago, I needed a good history curriculum for my oldest – – I wanted something short, sweet and to the point.

That’s when I found The Student’s Friend – – it not only is a history curriculum……it also includes Geography. The sweetest deal….it’s all FREE!!!

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When I homeschooled my oldest daughter, I used the Homeschool Tracker Program.  I absolutely LOVED being able to track attendance, put all of her daily work together and then print off a to-do list, mark the assignments when complete and it would calculate grades and print off a grade card. 

I am preparing to homeschool my youngest daughter and am downloading this program right now!!

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