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Day One

 So how was it, you ask?   It was AWESOME!!!

Boo was REALLY excited – – and all that excitement slowly went away. By the end of the ‘day,’ she was a bit whiny. I figure it is normal – – she needs to test the waters and see what she can get away with – – especially since it is Mom who is teaching her.

I gave her a list of things she could do when she woke up (read, play math games, play board games, magic square sheet, magnetics, and clean up her room) – – she ended up playing both math games (with Daddy) AND did the magic square puzzle. She also played with Moon Sand and the Magnetics for quite a while today.

When I got up and going (11 am), we did a little here and a little there – – and ended up getting it all done by 4pm. We did not spend more than 15 minutes on anything, except the Foam Birdhouse. Dad helped out with the birdhouse while I did laundry and prepped for dinner.

She will start guitar lessons tomorrow – – our neighbor let her use his guitar just before the break, as he volunteered to teach her how to play. I just couldn’t divulge that she was getting her own at christmas.

Here are some pics of the day. Hopefully, I will continue to remember to take pictures – – recording our journey is really important to me. Enjoy!!

Oh, and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for the lovely words of encouragement – – I seriously did not think that there were so many ‘strangers’ reading my blog. It’s nice to know that I am not the only person out there reading blogs ‘incognito.’ LOL!! : ) Please know, I love to read your comments and to then read YOUR blog – – so, feel free to comment, anytime!! : )

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 My plan was to start homeschool on Wednesday; however, I have an order that may not get here until the later part of the week – – so I was contemplating a (next week) Monday start up. The problem: Boo wants to start NOW.

For the last couple of months, I have read about different curriculum’s, put together a 20 week schedule and a daily/weekly schedule, decided on the books, etc. I was right on track….until, after some additional research, I reconsidering a couple of the decisions I had made early on.

I’ve been participating on postcrossing.com for about eight months – – and knew that I would integrate it into our geography studies; however, I wasn’t sure what else I would do (in geography). Then, on a trip to the thrift shop, I found “Around the World in Eighty Days.” Instantly, I knew I had found what I was looking for…..the problem was, it is a Great Illustrated Classic dumbed down version, which did not occur to me until I started researching some of the read-aloud sites. Plus, I had been reconsidering how I would approach Art Appreciation. I had already ordered three packs of six postcards through Dover – – I would use pack of cards for one six week study per artist. Then, I saw several artists that had both the six pack AND a twenty four pack of postcards – – mind gears are turning – – I decided to order one of the twenty four pack and two of the six pack for one artist. I would be able to present two to four cards per week for our artist study – – PLUS – – I would be able to use whatever duplicates (at least six) for geography, too (postcrossing).

Finally, I also ran across storynory.com – – they have the entire unabridged version of “Alice in Wonderland,” read by the wonderful Natasha!! How could I possibly pass that up?

I went back to Dover and purchased the unabridged version of “Around the World in Eighty Days” and “Alice in Wonderland,” one twenty four and two six pack of Paul Cezanne postcards, and several 60 percent off clearance sale classic books (Cinderella (.80), Mother West Wind’s Animal Friends (.60), Hercules (.40), King Arthur (.80), Native American Myths (1.40) and Dr. Dolittle (1.58).

So, what is a Mamma to do? She improvises.

For History, I printed off “The Stories of Albion and Brutus,” which we will read and discuss. Since it is the first story, we may not have a lot to discuss – – but, the boys will be here tomorrow, too and my Honey is a history buff….so, we’ll see. For Literature, we will read and discuss “The Ants and the Grasshopper” (from Aesop’s Fables). Then, for Language Arts, she will copy the moral of the story onto the lined section of this page and in the unlined section of the page, she will illustrate the story. (I can do two fables per page.) For geography and Language Arts, we will send a postcard to a postcrossing user, research the country we will send it to, she will learn how to address a postcard and we will decide what to write. For Poetry, she will read one poem from “A Child’s Garden of Verses.” In science, we will read the first section of Chapter one in the book, “Science for Modern Living: Through the Seasons,” (1950’s) which has to do with bird migration. Yesterday at Wal-Mart, I found a “Foamie” birdhouse kit – – so we will do that for art. Finally, in math, she will do a worksheet on magic squares and we will play the game: Re-Arrange. If there is time, we may play another math game.

Whew. That sounds like a lot – – but, it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours. I am pretty excited – – which is probably why I am having a hard time going to bed. But, it IS almost 2 AM, so should at the very least LAY DOWN – – and hope to get SOME rest!! : )

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Educational Meme

Treasure Seekers made this meme about learning and educational resources. If you’re reading it, consider yourself tagged. If you decide to answer the questions on your blog, please post a link in the comments section at Treasure Seekers.1. Name one thing you do as a parent to encourage your child to love learning.

I practice what I preach – – every opportunity I get to learn, I take.

2. Name an education-related book you read and enjoyed recently and tell why you liked it.

I am reading “Homeschool your child for free” by LauraMaery Gold and Joan Zielinski – – I like the use of the internet; however, many of the sites are not there anymore.

3. What are your favorite sources for finding learning activities and ideas for projects to do with your kids?

I like reading other homeschool blogs, surfing the net and family friendly magazines.

4. What learning or educational web sites do you visit regularly?

I read all of the blogs on my HS blogroll, several book swap sites, and many of the sites are posted on my site (with descriptions).

5. What are some of your family’s favorite educational field trips?

We always enjoy trips that allow hand-on activities.

6. Name a few of your family’s favorite educational games or toys.

The Perfect Ten

7. What household items have you found educational uses for?

Playing cards, Dice, beans, m&m’s, skittles, toilet paper rolls, coffee cans….gosh, the list goes on and on.
8. What is your favorite catalog, web site, or store for finding educational toys and games?

Right now, Wal-Mart (I am on a strict budget)

9. What is your favorite source for finding inexpensive educational books and other materials?

I go to the ‘local’ thrift shops – – I have found GREAT deals on books (BRAND NEW Treasure Island, almost a complete set of social studies novels, etc.). I also utilize several book swap sites. Finally, other homeschool families often will share, trade or sell their used items.

10. What is your favorite learning find that you came across unexpectedly?

I found a BRAND NEW, in perfect condition copy of Treasure Island (Un-Cut…LOL) from the Thrift shop for a dollar.

11. What is something that you want to learn or have learned how to do as an adult?

I would like to re-learn German – – and several other languages! I also want to learn ‘homesteading’ skills.

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SpellingCity is a new FREE Spelling Site.  I checked out the words under the “sample list” tab – – there seems to be enough to sustain most (if not all) of an entire school year. 

The site has some great games.  In the testing section, you have the option to have the word spoken AND you can have the word spoken in  a sentence.

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Art?  Is it in you?  Even if you are not an “artist” – – you can express yourself with the artpad at art.com.   

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Here is a nifty algebra tutorial.  I don’t need it for homeschool, yet; however, I may just brush up on it and try college algebra again!!  ; ) 

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While “Tag Surfing,” I ran across Lorem Ipsum’s Website – – which showed a video that poked fun at how many people view homeschooling.  It is cute and funny, so I thought I would share it, too!  : )

Video: Homeschool Fam-i-ly

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