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So, obviously I haven’t been on here in a long time…..but, especially, I haven’t blogged about homeschool and our related adventures. Well, it is kinda complex and yet, really simple. After the Winter break, Boo basically decided not to do the work that was assigned…..which she did kinda gradually. From January until mid-March, she SLOWED WAY down on her out-put and then added arguing with me….and finally just flat refused to do the work. None of my kids seem to be really scared of me…but, they are of my Honey…LOL. (And really, he is just a big Shrek….all bark…no bite.) Problem is, for whatever reason, they listen to him….so, I told him that he was in charge of her now, as I was tired of the fighting…and I really wasn’t getting that much support from him, I guess he felt like all I needed to do was put down the law and POOF….it would all get better. I finally got so frustrated with the both of them that I told him that HE was in charge now….and I stepped back. No more arguing or fighting…just waited until he got home and said: “Now, deal with her.” This frustrated him after a while, too, as she did START listening but, then went the way of poo-pooing him, too. Finally, we all sat down and agreed on a list of things that she needed to get done daily and then would be allowed privledges: 1) Clean her room; 2) Clean the kitchen and 3) Do school work. This lasted about two days…and she has since NOT completed a day. The bad part is that I have other responsibilities; therefore, there are days where she goes to the sitter and they do lots of fun things (which feel like privileges.) So, basically I have decided to put her back in PS as of August and will. For the remainder of the summer, keep the rule as it is.

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