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101 in 1001 AAR

Back in the day, when I was in the military, we would discuss the good, the bad and the ugly attributes of a training….it was called an AAR (After Action Review). I think the title is brilliant and have used it many times since.
My 101 in 1001 goal list time is up (January 27, 2010).
There were many items I completed…..and some I did not. I figured that I would do an AAR for this project…discussing the things I liked about it…disliked about it….and most importantly, discuss the list (what got done, what didn’t…and why).
Obviously this AAR is mostly for me; however, I love to get feedback/ideas/thoughts….so, I am putting this out there. 😉
So, without further ado…..

101 in 1001 (May 2007-January 2010)
The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.
The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).
Items that are BOLD are COMPLETE!!

001. Publish this list on MySpace Website (DONE 5/5/07), in a Blog (DONE 5/5/07) and on Triplux (DONE 5/5/07).
*Pretty simple task…completed the day it was done!! 🙂

002. Participate in a 5k
003. Walk 1001 Miles (2,000 steps = 1 Mile) (DONE 7/31/09)
004. Bicycle 1001 Miles
* I was a bit disappointed in how little I accomplished in this area. Part of the reason that number 2 did not get accomplished was the lack of 5k races in the area….and I am sure, in my lack of knowledge in other area races, as well. Number 3 was a pretty “easy” one, since most people average one mile per day.   😉 I worked on number 4 when I had the stationary bike (but it was totally uncomfortable) and when I went to the gym…but, it just wasn’t something I was able to accomplish.

005. Color with my kids using sidewalk chalk (DONE 8/17/07)
006. Play miniature golf (DONE 6/09/07)
007. Make S’Mores with my Kids DONE (5/15/2007)
008. Fingerpaint a portrait with my Kids (DONE)
* The point of these exercises was: 1) To get in touch with my “inner-child” and 2) To spend more “quality” time with my kids. I spent a great deal of time with my daughter when she was homeschooled from 1/08 to 5/09. Although, number 8 was not done specifically, I am counting it as DONE, because we DID paint together…just not a fingerprinted portrait.

009. Make a Mosaic
010. Complete the Pictures on Wood Project
011. Complete the mala bead project
012. Complete a 26 Things Challenge (DONE 5/17/2007)
013. Frame and Display a Photo I took (DONE 7/11/07)
014. Have the Painting (that I won on E-Bay) Framed
015. Have something published (photo, editorial, etc.) in a newspaper or magazine
016. Take pictures of People On The Street
017. Participate in The Mirror Project (DONE 5/23/07)
018. Participate in a Parking Spot Meme
019. Participate in the 50 State Meme (DONE 5/17/2007)
* REALLY disappointed that these did not get done. Can you tell I am not very creative…lol. 🙂 Item 9 is something I have wanted to do for a long time….I’ve purchased the stuff needed to do it; however, I am just nervous about completely fucking it all up. I think it would be better if I did creative things in a group setting…it would force me to do them…but, with others around for knowledge, inspiration and fun. Items 10 & 11 were part of a book assignment that I had wanted to accomplish AT THE TIME….over time, it has become less and less important to me. Item 14 is no longer important to me, either…I will be attempting to re-sell it on ebay, very soon. Item number 56 (on this list) was to purchase a digital camera and items 15-19 were extensions, thereof. I love photography…but, I guess when it starts to feel like ‘work’ (part of a “to-do list”), it won’t get done.

Food & Drink
020. Eat a fruit I have never tried before (DONE 7/20/07)
021. Eat a vegetable I have never tried before (DONE 7/04/07)
022. Make a traditional food a different color
023. Try 10 new dinner recipes (DONE 8/01/07)
024. Try 5 new dessert recipes (DONE 10/26/07)
025. Learn how to tend bar
026. Sample 24 flavors at Braums(12/24) *As of 7/29/2007
027. Re-evaluate at least 10 food or drink items I claim not to like (DONE)
* The point of most of this list was to expand my comfort zone. I was VERY glad to have tried new foods (items 20 & 21)! Those will also be on my new list. Item number 22 seemed like a “fun” thing to do, at the time, but, just has never been a real important thing to me. Numbers 23 and 24 were very interesting…gonna have to add a similar goal to the next list. I’ve always wanted to learn to tend bar…the opportunity just has not presented itself at this time. I lost interest with number 26. I am going to consider number 27 done, as I know I have tried items that I either THOUGHT I didn’t like, or have not liked over the course of the last couple years. Next time, I need to update each item with specific date/item accomplished, ’cause I tend to forget specifics.

028. Win more than $5 in the lottery (DONE – Won $120 at the casino on 12/30/09.)
029. Make new Will (Get it notarized and all)
030. Send copy of will to C
031. Sell, Donate or Throw Away 101 Items (DONE 8/4/07)
032. Achieve 1001 MySpace blog postings (DONE 6/30/2009)
033. Perform a ceremony using my Ordainment (Marriage, Funeral, etc.)
034. Write 101 blogs (corresponding with each of these entries) (45/101) *As of 10/5/08
035. Participate in Postcard Project (DONE 5/10/07)
036. Do at least two Learning To Love You More Assignments (DONE 5/22/07)
037. Make a list of 101 things I am grateful for and/or accomplishments I am proud of (DONE 7/20/07)
038. Send in a secret to Post Secret
039. Get PT Cruiser Professionally Detailed
*Dang, another section where I am just totally disappointed!! Number 28, I added because it seemed like a “fun” thing – – the problem is that I really don’t play the lottery. Lol. I am going to consider it DONE; however, as we went to the Casino on 12/30/09 and I won $120! Number 29 I had really expected to have done by now…UGH! Part of the problem was that my CD player, on the computer, wasn’t working and I wasn’t able to do the “Do it Yourself Will.” It will go on my next list, though – – it really needs to get done. Of course, since number 29 didn’t get done, number 30 wouldn’t either. I actually expected that number 31 would be much harder than it was. This one will be on the next list, as well!! Glad that number 32 was accomplished by the time I really lost interest in MySpace…lol! 🙂 Number 33 was put in because I had intended to officiate my sister’s wedding…thank goodness she hasn’t gotten married, though. I’m totally okay that that one didn’t get done!! Well, number 34 was bound to fail if ANY of the items were not complete. Won’t do that again! I really enjoyed doing items 35-37…all were intended to expand the comfort zone while simultaneously giving me something back. Number 38 was intended to be part of that group…..bummed it didn’t get done. Number 39 was actually part of the “quit smoking” deal….if I quit smoking, the PT would get detailed…just hadn’t gotten done.

040. Put coins in expired parking meters (DONE)
041. Pay for the order of the person behind me at a drive-thru (DONE)
042. Send box of toys to Iraq Children (DONE 7/25/07)
043. For every incomplete task after 1001 days, donate $5 to Charity
044. Give Blood (Attempted-DONE)
045. Use all 10 of my Smile Cards to Pay it Forward (0/10)
* Number 40 I do (almost) every time I am “in town” and park where there are meters. Number 41 we did as a family…just can’t remember the date. Number 43 started with $1 and then I changed it to $5 because I was SURE that most (if not all) of the list would be done. I am gonna count the time I have spent in CASA as my charitable donation…33 incomplete items=$165. If I use $1 an hour as my charitable time, I would have surpassed this amount…Charity is done. Number 44 I will consider DONE, as I have attempted several times to donate blood…they won’t accept me because I am pretty severely anemic. Number 45 seemed like a good idea at the time – – I don’t even have a clue where my “Smile Cards” are at this point. The idea was to Pay it Forward….will do this again…WITHOUT the cards. 🙂

Just for ME!!
046. Read 101 Books (DONE 5/13/08)
047. Write a GOOD up-to-date resume (DONE 06/27/07)
048. Frame my diploma’s (DONE 10/31/2008)
049. Get a hot rock massage
050. TRY Yoga!!
051. New Adidas Coat (DONE 11/24/07)
052. Have a friend go with me shopping for a fabulous not-like-me complete outfit
053. Quit biting my fingernails
054. Do a Dare
* Homeschooling Maddison really helped with challenge number 46. Between May 2007 and January 2010, I read 474 books!! 🙂 I have worked on number 47 several times in the last couple years…and will do it again, really soon. My BIS is in a frame – – just not hung up. Number 49 ALMOST got done…my Mom bought a hot rock set for me…it just ended up being pebbles and I didn’t really want it. This one will be added to the next list. Really bummed that number 50 didn’t get done….UGH…I just wanted to TRY it. Was VERY excited to get number 51!! Number 52 was really intended to be completed AFTER I lost some weight – – too bad all I did was GAIN it. YUCK! Number 53 will be done when I am ready…it’s just not the time, yet. I added number 54 because AT THE TIME, I belonged to a group that was SUPPOSE to work on doing dares from a book. I have since purchased a book that is similar – – and will add a similar challenge to the next list.

Purchase or Acquire
055. Ipod Nano (DONE 5/4/07)
056. Digital Camera (DONE 5/9/07)
057. Crock Pot (DONE 8/6/07)
058. Water Purifier (DONE 5/17/2007)
059. Bicycle (DONE 6/7/2008)
060. Picnic Basket (DONE 6/5/07)
061. Norton Anti-Virus (DONE 5/11/2007)
062. iPod Nano Armband (DONE 5/10/2007)
063. A Pedometer (DONE 5/10/2007)
* WOO-FREAKING-HOO!! All done!!

064. Get away for the weekend (DONE 7/6/07)
065. Go on a Romantic Picnic (DONE 6/9/07)
066. Surprise J with something unexpected (DONE 9/6/2007)
067. Celebrate J Day (DONE 9/6/2008)
068. Kiss in the Rain
069. Have a Romantic Interlude somewhere “Unusual”
* I am actually pretty pleased with the items that were completed on this list. I was bummed that number 67 didn’t get more response from people…but, heck, people suck ass….so, it shouldn’t have come as much of a surprise to me. I really should have known that numbers 68 & 69 wouldn’t get done…it is just not James’ personality to do “weird” stuff. I will add some other stuff to the next list that hopefully WILL be more in-line with his personality. 🙂

Family & Friends
070. Create a birthday/anniversary/address/phone number list and distribute to family
071. Send a card to an old friend. (DONE)
072. Send twenty-five postcards to twenty-five different people. (DONE 07/09/2007)
073. Send five random surprise packages to different family or friends (DONE)
074. Meet in person someone I met on the internet
075. Send someone flowers
076. Have a family portrait done (DONE 11/28/07)
* I worked on number 70…even completed it, I think….just didn’t distribute it….and now it just isn’t all that important to me. I know that I completed numbers 71-73…just didn’t have all the details listed. I had added number 74, because at the time, I was part of an online group that I was sure would produce better “friends” and hoped it would lead to meeting one of them in person. Number 75 was on others’ lists…just sounded good at the time. This is just not something I ‘do.’ Number 76 was a bit of a bummer…..hope to do a new one soon.

077. Replace ALL old light bulbs with NEW energy efficient ones (DONE 5/17/2007)
078. Plant Garden (2007) (DONE 5/18/2007)
079. Plant Garden (2008) (DONE 7/4/2008)
080. Plant Garden (2009) (DONE 8/1/09)
081. Declutter the Bedroom (DONE)
082. Declutter the Living Room (DONE)
083. Declutter the Dining Room (DONE)
084. Declutter the Kitchen (DONE)
085. Declutter the Bathroom (DONE 6/14/07)
086. Declutter the Back Porch (DONE)
087. Install Rain Gutters all the way around the house
088. Defrost Freezer (DONE 8/7/07)
* WOO HOO!! Was happy to get number 77 done. The garden idea was lovely in theory…just sucked ass in reality. I won’t do it again – – especially not here…and not alone. This is something I enjoyed doing with someone else. Numbers 81-86 have been done, got yucky, done again, etc several times over the last couple years. We got part of number 87 done when we re-did the front porch. Have done number 88 several times in the last couple years, as well.

089. Complete Family Control Journal (DONE 10/1/2007)
090. Make Newsletter list (DONE 5/22/07)
091. Make a household inventory (including pictures and serial numbers) for insurance (DONE)
092. Update address books (DONE 12/08/2007)
093. Catalog the Books I want to Keep Began 6/17/07
094. Build a good recipe collection (in 3-Ring Binder) (DONE)
095. Get a safe deposit box (DONE 8/4/2008)
096. Put all important docs in safe deposit box
* I really need to update number 89…but, glad it is done…really has been handy. Did number 90 – – but, will have to cull until I get a VERY low number of people who REALLY matter to us. Discovered that number 91 was not necessary – – since I did the work necessary to find out, I will consider it done! Purchased a whole new book for number 92…very helpful. I am still working on number 93. I accomplished number 94, then I threw it away…didn’t feel like I needed it anymore. Number 95 was considered a lock box…just haven’t gotten number 96 into it….lol.

097. Pay off PT Cruiser (DONE 10/1/2009)
098. Pay off Military Star Credit Card (DONE 3/1/2009)
099. Pay the equivalent of one year of additional principal towards student loan (DONE)
100. Pay the equivalent of one year of additional principal towards mortgage (DONE 9/01/08)
*WOO HOO!! Was SO FUCKING HAPPY to be done with number 97!! Number 98 was gonna be done sooner…but then I had the washer, dryer and computer go down in the matter of a week – – had to use it again – – then DID manage to pay it off in March!! I no longer send in payment for my student loans…it is all done by automatic debit payments; therefore, it isn’t “officially” done; however, I did pay TWO years of additional principal towards the mortgage, so I will call number 99 done, too.

101. Write a new list (DONE)
* Will post it soon.

Date Began: May 2, 2007

End Date: January 27, 2010

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