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I’m not sure why I hadn’t blogged about this before, ’cause it’s not like it happened yesterday….LOL!!

In September, I took Boo to the public school for the Fall Standardized Tests. (We are not required to do them where we live; however, I didn’t think it would do any harm….and it gives me an idea of her progress, thus far.)
She did the same tests last Fall, while in public school; (I pulled Boo out of public school at the Winter Break) therefore, we were able to compare last years scores with this years scores. 🙂

Fall 2007 203 (Average Range 200-206)
Fall 2008 205 (Average Range 202-208)

Fall 2007 201 (Average Range 198-204)
Fall 2008 206 (Average Range 203-209)

Language Usage
Fall 2007 194 (Average Range 191-197)
Fall 2008 203 (Average Range 200-206)

I am super pleased that she tested in comparison to last year – – which means I haven’t completely messed her up (yet?) LOL!!

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Today’s writing prompt was: What toy do you think you will still like when you are an adult?  Why?

Boo’s Answer: Make-up is what I think I will like.  Why? It makes you look gorgus.  So you can get a boyfriend easyer. So you can be happy with who you are.  (All spelling and grammer are hers.)

I thought this was a very interesting answer.  What do you think? 
(Oh, and by the way, I don’t wear make-up.)

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 At lunch this afternoon, Sassy Sissy says to Boo, “You were such a cute baby. **pause** What happened?”

Without missing a beat, Boo tilts her head, and says, “You know, I have wondered the very same thing, myself.”

KA-PLOW!! She’s been shut down!

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My Hubby’s side “thing” is mowing lawns.  Last year, he took the kids with him and was teaching them the ropes.  Boo was 8 and pretty small – – so he didn’t put her on the rider he bought last year.  (In order to make it stop, you had to push – – HARD – – into the clutch and move this other switch.)  This year, he bought a John Deere that stops when you let off the pedal….SO much easier!! 

Hubby decided it was time to teach Boo the ropes and let her drive the rider alone. 

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Hello All!

I am really excited to tell you all about my new business!  I am also using this as a homeschool project.  It will provide Boo with real-life learning experiences!!  : ) 

I am a Designer, independently contracting, for Home & Garden Party, Ltd.! I am able to set my own hours and earn commissions, bonuses and the opportunity to win prizes, awards and trips.

The majority of Home & Garden Party products are made in the U. S. and include hand turned stoneware, candles, bakeware, beautiful framed prints and decorative accessories to enhance the beauty of every home.

The company offers a generous hostess plan for those wishing to host a party – – the hostess incentives can be for both in-home parties or a book/on-line party.

  1. If YOU choose to host a party, you will receive a 20 percent Hostess Bonus for FREE Merchandise! (If you reach $200 or more in total party retail sales at your party.) So, if you had $500 in retail sales, you would earn an extra $100 bonus to spend on anything in the catalog.

  2. Pay HALF-PRICE for any item every time you reach $100 or more in party retail sales at your party. Using the above $500 example – – you would be able to choose 5 items from the catalog at half-price!!

  3. Choose a FREE Hostess Gift when two or more of your guests book and hold their own qualifying party ($200 or more in total party retail sales) OR if you prefer to receive $18.00 in FREE product of your choice for each party booked and held.

With no inventory, no quotas, no delivery and no territories, Home & Garden Party is still a ground floor opportunity. If YOU are interested in being an independent contractor, you can purchase one of three designer kits, starting at $99. (The $99 kit is valued at $220; the $149 kits are valued at $400.)

For more information about the Home & Garden Party opportunity or products, please leave me a comment and I will contact you soon!! 

My sponsor is helping me with a starter party on April 26th! Here is my starter party webpage – – check out the Treasure Chest specials – – WOW!! Amazing Deals!!

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Humans….we’re a funny creature…..

Something occurred to me today……actually, to be honest,quite a few somethings, occurred to me today. I am always amazed at how people react in certain situations. Are they more positive based – – more negative based – – or more realistic based? We are emotional creatures – – and no matter how hard we try, what drives us is our emotions. When we are emotionally attached to something or someone, logic is out the window. We can LEARN to be MORE logical – – but, ultimately, we are a prisoner to our emotions.

This is why, for those of you parents out there, we tend to act completely irrationally when it comes to our kids. And really, ANYTHING about our kids. Has someone ever asked you for advice on how to handle an issue with THEIR child – – because they had NO idea what to do next? Most of the time, you have a great answer. Then, not long after that, YOUR kid does a similar thing and now YOU are the one asking for help. Why? ‘Cause we just don’t think clearly when it comes to our kids……well, and anyone we have an emotional connection to.

We can learn to be more effective as parents (also friends, mates, workers, etc.) but, first we need to SEE ourselves for who we really are – – and admit that we can sometimes be wrong. Yeah, I know that was even hard for me to type……LOL! We humans, we NEVER think we are wrong – – even if the evidence is clearly presented to us……wrapped up in a pretty box with a lovely little bow. But, know what? Our BIGGEST emotional connection is NOT to our kids, our spouse, our friends….it is to OURSELVES. It should follow then, that our biggest obstacle in this emotional self-awareness….is our self. Can we make good decisions that concern ourselves when we are clearly driven by emotion FOR ourselves – – can we make a ‘logical’ decision when our very essence is on the line? How do we handle those times? Typically, we engage in the now familiar”Bush Tactic” – – the Preemptive Strike. We treat the person we are dealing with as we THINK they would treat us, IF WE WERE IN THEIR SHOES. So, if I ‘think’ you would tell me to jump off a building…..before I would even give you the chance to tell me, I tell you to jump off the building. And clearly, we know EXACTALLY how and what another person is going to say or do – – That pre-emptive strike thing sure seems to work out a lot, huh?

On to the wonderment of the human spirit: positive, negative or realistic?

An event occurred today that was handled so differently by all parties involved – – it was so interesting to see how everyone ‘took it.’ First we received a very hurtful email – – clearly, it was from the negative side of the house. I read and discussed it with my daughter who said, “Well, you are going to send something back right? ‘Cause maybe it will make it better.” Clearly, from the positive camp. Me? I was just gathering the occurrence coins along the way.

Coin Number 1: In order for people to justify certain things to themselves, they will need to change the facts, to suit their own needs. Kinda like the Asian concept of ‘saving face.’

Coin Number 2: Some people are just born a certain way…..happy, sad, mad, etc…….and your scale (or bell curve) is determined by your life experiences and (most importantly) your attitude. Can you change what you are born with – – no – – but, you CHOOSE to be at the high end or the low end of whatcha got.

Coin Number 3: Sometimes people come to the table with their answer already pre-determined – – any attempt to sway it, is really pointless.

Coin Number 4: We ALL have control issues – – some worse than others. Today I learned that control is a coveted item that people will sacrifice their morals, values and even integrity in order to gain (or re-gain, if they felt it was stripped from them).

I am so proud of Boo. She is one of these “Born Positives” – – so any event already has a positive tilt. She is learning that negative events, situations and people are out there – – and she is learning HOW to effectively deal with the issues as the come up. She is learning how to look at perspectives of others – – and how to ‘realistically’ work through the most likely scenarios (of course she is also learning that when there is an imbalance with someone, no matter what scenario you can imagine, the person will almost always surprise you.) She is learning how to deal with her emotions when something happens that she does not like – – regardless of whether or not she is allowed to have her say (with the offending person(s). And while I hope that she is able to continue with this new learned ability – – I sure hope it isn’t that often that she has to face such things.

And you know, this, this is what learning is truly about. I wish there was a category in my gradebook….she would get an “A.”

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Learning happens….even when you least expect it……..at the grocery store, Taco Bell, and Wal-Mart, for Pete’s Sake. Today Boo learned how to handle conflict, evaluate problems and make decisions.

That kind of learning is emotionally draining……so, in an attempt to cope, I turned to “Tuesdays with Morrie.”

Was I smoking crack? Seriously. Who in the hell picks up a ‘thinking’ book when they don’t wanna think?

Apparently, that would be me. Death/Dying……loss……and in the midst of all that…….Life Lessons…..Gratitude. Damn it.

I decide I need a break….my idea….take a bath. Hello, when will I learn to put the crack pipe down? When I enter the tub, I get all think-y and feel-y. UUGGHH!!

FINE!! I suppose what I really need to do is pull out the Grats Bag.


  1. I am grateful for my husband. He works SO hard so that I can stay home and hang with my young one. He is my rock and my lifesaver. One of the few people who has always believed in me…..even in the darkest hours. He saves me from myself. He loves me, it seems, unconditionally. Plus, he’s hot….. 😉

  2. I am grateful for the generosity of others……30 pounds of bologna, 3 pounds of sausage and two boxes of canned goods. Anyone have ideas for bologna? (Yeah, not a typo……THIRTY pounds.)

  3. I am grateful for Boo. She is my other lifesaver. Before she was born, I was convinced that I had the Midas Touch….the last two babies I touched, stopped breathing. Not the ideal “Touch.” She was patient with me – – and never gave up. She loved me through all of my stumbling……all of my re-learning ‘how’ to care for an infant. She keeps it real…..all the time. In a ten minute time span, she can have me laughing and crying. For example, today she said these wing-dingers: In line at Aldi’s, “Is it me or are you getting creepier?” – – Driving down the road, “Her heart may be full of meanness, but my heart is full of love.” – – Me: “Why do you want to do that?” Her: “Love. It’s all about Love.” – – “I am warming up your heart with Joy, ain’t I?”

  4. I am SO grateful that I get to homeschool. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Today was one of those days when all of the anxiety of homeschooling is shadowed by the pure knowledge that this is the right thing for us.

  5. I’m grateful for my Book Swap sites….they have given me “gods in Alabama,” “For One More Day,” “The Five People you Meet in Heaven,” and “Tuesdays with Morrie.” Can you tell I am diggin’ Mitch Albom?

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My Girls…..
Boo (Left) and
Sassy Sissy (Right)

Boo (Left) and Sassy Sissy (Right)

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Boo loves the idea of only having four days of school – – does that mean the SAME four days? Well, for me it did – – until Monday. I had oral surgery on Monday, in a city about an hour and a half away. The last time I was there (to remove stitches), school had been canceled and my husband was home early – – early enough to take me to the appointment – – so both my hubby and Boo were witness to the ‘Grand-Mal Seizure’ and subsequent trip to the hospital via an ambulance. They were both completely freaked out – – so, my husband after the defensive driving course {on Monday}, took the rest of the day off to escort me to the dental appointment.

Since the trip takes so long, I planned on doing ‘school’ in the car on the way up and back – – and while I was having surgery, she could read to her Dad (or silently). I had this nice, calm, day planned (in my head) – – amazingly, it isn’t what actually happened. Hmmmm. So, after several attempts, we decided to just call it a day – – and we would school on Friday. I love the flexibility – – I just need to remember to use it. LOL!! 😉

So here is how we did this week:
**  NOTE:  Many of the resources are linked in other blogs – – particularly the first AAR.  I will only add a small precentage this week.

History – On Schedule

We read Chapter 2, “The Coming of the Romans” from An Island Story on Tuesday. Wednesday through Friday, we read one story each day from Fifty Famous Stories Retold: “The Brave Three Hundred,” “Alexander and Bucephelas,” and “Diogenes The Wise Man.” We are still enjoying all of the stories. (For sure, I look forward to reading them each day…LOL!)

Literature – On Schedule

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we read Aesop’s Fables: “The Lion and the Four Bulls” and The Goatherd and the She-Goat.” Boo talked with me about the expectations for the copywork page and we decided to revise it to what she thought I meant, in the first place. (She is to copy the title and the moral and then she WAS suppose to tell the story in her own words – – but, she wanted to express her feelings about the story, so we decided to go with expressing herself.) On Thursday and Friday, we listened to two stories  (“How the Leopard got his Spots” and “The Beginning of the Armadillos”) from Just So Stories on Wired for Books. Finally, both last week and this week, we listened up to Chapter 7 in “Alice in Wonderland” with Natasha on Storynory. We are attempting to finish the book by next week on Wednesday, watch the movie on Thursday, as Boo will be spending the following week with my sister.

Poetry – On Schedule

We read four poems from “A child’s Garden of Verses.” I must admit that they are growing on us, both. Part of the charm seems to be the change in HOW we are reading them.  Last week, we read the poem and moved on.  I made a couple changes this week: after reading it through once, we spend a fair amount of time breaking each line down and understanding what he meant. Then, we read it {fully} again, for appreciation.

Geography – On Schedule

On Tuesday, we sent one of her Cezanne postcards to a Postcrossing user in The Netherlands. We read a bit about the country and found it on the map. We did not get to Geography on Wednesday – – but, we did manage to read Chapters 4 and 5 in “Around the World in Eighty Days” on Thursday and Friday, respectively. Since there is still no map work for ATW, so we are still on schedule!! 😉

Science – A Little Off Schedule

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we read two sections from Unit 1 in “Science for Modern Living.” On Thursday and Friday, instead of doing Burgess Bird Book and our Nature Book, we did additional studies on the animals we read about in Just So Stories. She did worksheets everyday on the different animals we learned about (Mon – Squirrels; Tues – Ptarmigan; Wed – Leopard; Thurs – Armadillo) – – plus, we did some on-line research on the animals. I am okay with this trek off the beaten path. I am also considering a change in the time I have ‘alloted’ for the Burgess Bird Book. One day is just not enough for each bird. Since it IS winter, and we are just starting, I may just forgo the Nature Study until Spring – – this will give me more leeway in the schedule. Still pondering it, we shall see.

Art and Music Appreciation

I introduced both this week. Art was on Tuesday and Thursday – – and Music the other two days. I am using the postcard replicas of Paul Cezanne from Dover Publications for the basis of our Artist Study for this term (it may end up being the entire half of the year, as I am gathering more and more resources. Check it out: Netflix has THREE Cezanne movies….Can you believe that? Three??? Wow. Oh, I am also using one of my Art Appreciation books from college to discuss the ‘basics’ – – the first thing it delves into is ‘line’ and the first artist it discusses is Cezanne. Cool, huh? I read the first section in the book and then presented the print. Since she has not had a lot of exposure to art nor is she versed in the terminology, it did not go as well as I had hoped. So, on Thursday, I tried another technique – – which I tweeked slightly from what I read about in “One Child Policy Homeschool” blog. This time, we read the next section in the book – – we discussed it for a bit – – then, I presented the new print to her. I asked her to study it really carefully because I was going to ask her to tell me what was in the print. After a couple minutes, I gave her a lined index card and asked her to write everything that she remembered from the print. (She did very well – – only missing one item). Then I asked her to copy the print on the unlined side of the index card. She did a darn good job!! I liked how that worked out – – so, as long as it works, I will use it!! : )

In Music, we started an Orchestra Lapbook. Much of the information is from this site. I am also adding some of my own – – which I am putting together and will post when we are done with the unit. We talked about what an orchestra is – – the history of the orchestra – – the conductor – – and what those funny arm movements are – – and finally, we talked about the different instruments in an orchestra. Today, we watched several orchestra’s at work on YouTube! I played Beethoven’s 5th – – and she commented that it was the same song as in her Barbie movie – – which she was able to describe with perfect accuracy, what was going on in the movie while we were listening to the song on YouTube.

I still haven’t gotten a math curriculum yet – – I really want Math-U-See; however, for just the ‘basics’ – – I am looking at close to a hundred dollars. YIKES!! I was planning on ordering it with this pay check – – but, several other things have come up. I also have not added any foreign language into the mix – – as I had hoped to – – our days just go by so fast – – there just doesn’t seem to be enough time. I like that our days are very relaxed, with lots of breaks….it makes for less stress for both of us.

Well, there it is….the Southpaugh AAR for this week. Below are some pics from the week…..Enjoy!! 🙂

[rockyou id=98383157&w=425&h=315]

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Thursday night (01.03.08), Boo complained that her hip was hurting. I told her to rest and let me know how she felt in the morning. Since we don’t have school on Friday (provided that all work gets done during the week), I figured that she would miraculously get better in the morning. During the night, she came to my bed because the pain was so bad – – at one point, I had to send her back to her bed – – it is really hard to have two ‘fluffy’ adults and a child in a full size bed – – it was not working!! ; ) Anyway, when it was time for her to get up and get ready for the day, she said she could not even move without massive pain. She is my little “Drama Princess” – – so I tell her that if it is that bad, we would have to go to the doctor (which meant that whatever ‘fun’ we were gonna do would be canceled, in lieu of an appointment with the doc. It also meant that if she is ‘sick’ for the day, she is in her room for the day {this means no TV, Playstation or Computer}. That usually produces the necessary miracle. LOL!) In any case, she says that she wants the doctor’s appointment.

I detest going to the doctor to spend unnecessary money – – by that I mean, if my kid has a cold, I do not need to pay the doctor 25 dollars for him to tell me that my kid has a cold. So, before I go to the doctor, I try to eliminate all possibilities that I can take care of. {She had no fever – – which told me she probably did not have an infection. There was no outward ‘inflammation,’ ‘swelling’  or ‘discoloration’ – – which told me that her hip probably did not have contact with anything else. She said the pain was in her hip and knee and radiated between them. It is possible that she pulled a muscle – – but the pain in the knee and hip was puzzling me. Usually when you pull a muscle, your ‘bones’ don’t hurt. Hhhmmmm. My next thought was Leukemia. Yeah, I know – – I am all about the worst case scenario. The problem is: My husband will not allow me to speak aloud a ‘bad’ diagnosis, as jokingly, I correctly diagnosed a very serious condition with him.

At this point, I am at a loss – – so I figure I had better take her in.
The Doc does the same thing I did – – and came up with the same conclusion: I Don’t Have A Clue. I hate that dang diagnosis. He did want to have her blood drawn as it may enlighten us to something we can not ‘see.’ This is the first time she has had blood drawn – – it was really hard watching her go through that. I decided that we needed to celebrate that unique milestone – – so we went to Sonic and had a “drink of our choice” and an order of Cheesecake Bites. (Yummy, by the way!!)

I talked to the Doc today and she does not have any inflammation issues – – the rest of the blood work is still out.

So, when she got home, she had to spend the rest of the day in her room – – resting.

With all of that time, she read, and read, and read some more.

The girl finished FIVE Junie B. Jones books!! I tested her on BookAdventure – – she answered all of the questions correctly.

As a side note, BookAdventure is:

A FREE reading motivation program for children in grades K-8. Children create their own book lists from over 7,000 recommended titles, take multiple choice quizzes on the books they’ve read, and earn points and prizes for their literary successes. Book Adventure was created by and is maintained by Sylvan Learning. “

Boo has earned enough points to receive a six-month subscription to Highlights magazine.


So, although we do not have school scheduled for Friday’s, I am counting this Friday for sure – – and I put her grades (from BookAdventure) into Homeschool Tracker.


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