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Apparently, I made the contest too ‘hard’ – – so I will revise it. 

If you wanna win this book, just leave a link to your site in the comments section.  The contest will run until June 6th and I will announce a winner by June 8th.

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This darn thing would not embed – – no matter how much I tried….but, it is well worth your 1 Hour and 16 minutes.  Please take the time to change your life.


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A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer,
a FREE inspirational novel – – it will lift your spirits this holiday season!

A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer, a brand new inspirational novel, is a gift to you for visiting http://www.inspiration-for-singles.com. You can download it right now, in PDF format.

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A Cowboy's Christmas Prayer is a new inspirational novel. This exciting ebook is set on the Kansas frontier, in 1886. Struggling single mother Gretchen Norgard and down-on-his-luck cowboy Pete Beckworth discover one of the most important lessons we can learn about what truly matters at Christmas.

A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer  is an 83 page inspirational novel filled with suspense, romance, and an inspiring message that will lift your spirits and warm your heart.


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As a Reader in general – – and a Homeschooler, specifically, I am always on the hunt for good books. One of my MySpace buddies, introduced me to Paper Back Swap. I absolutely LOVE their site!!

Today, while surfing, I came across Book Mooch, Frugal Reader and What’s on My Bookshelf. So far, they are not quite as user friendly as PBS; however, I shouldn’t be so quick to judge – – I’ll give it a couple weeks and see.

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Wanna help build your vocabulary AND help feed the Hungry…..AT THE SAME TIME?????

Well, honey, I have a solution for ya……

Click on THIS LINK …..OR

Copy and paste the web address into your browser: http://www.freerice.com/index.php

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