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I would like to note that there are EXCELLENT teachers out there – – “Teaching to Test” is not the fault of those fabulous teachers.

It is the fault of the laws that hold “the system” accountable if a “child is left behind.” 

I did not take Boo out of school because the school sucked – – it is actually a really great school (with teacher to student ratio of about 15:1).  But, her teacher DID tell me that they don’t “teach” the kids – – they “prepare” them for testing. 

By the way, I got this great video from Becky at Home Sweet Homeschool.  Thanks, Becky!

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My on-line homeschool buddie, Christine, blogged about this fantabulous site that allows you to download and watch FREE documentaries.  ENJOY!!


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While “Tag Surfing,” I ran across Lorem Ipsum’s Website – – which showed a video that poked fun at how many people view homeschooling.  It is cute and funny, so I thought I would share it, too!  : )

Video: Homeschool Fam-i-ly

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Identity Theft Video

Identity Theft

This video is well worth your time to watch.  This is a 3 1/2 minute video produced by the
Broward County, FL Sheriff’s Office.  Identity thieves are at it again, this time targeting people at gas stations.  This sort of crime never occurred to me, especially since many of us never leave the side of our car when pumping gas anymore. That has apparently not improved our safety, especially for women who carry purses.  The footage of the actual crime being committed is shocking in how easy it is to pull off.  Please take heed and pass it along to friends, families and coworkers .  

Click on the link below… 
http://video.sherifforg/psa_cartheft.shtml   Turn on sound!

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Storynory brings you a FREE audio book every week. Check out their archives while you are waiting patiently for new material!!  : )

 While doing some additional research, I found Wired for Books, which also has some FREE audio (and some video) stories for children.  (Three of the audio stories I am really, REALLY interested inare from: “Just so Stories” by Rudyard Kipling).

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This was SO much FUN!!! 

Hey, we just made total elves of ourselves

If the link above did not work, just copy and paste the address into your browser: http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1165929124

This elfin’ greeting brought to you by OfficeMax®.

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Recommended Viewing

A friend told me about a site on-line that she thought I would really like. I finally managed to get there tonight – – and she was right…..I LOVE it!!

Part One: Religion. The Son of/Sun God – – Astrology – – Significance of the number 12.

Part Two: September 11 – – A conspiracy or terrorism?

Part Three: Now what? The dumbing down of a nation – – in order for World Dominance. Is this a Ren and Stimpy re-run?

I know that I can not force you to watch this film……but, I certainly encourage you to do so……why? For the same reason I study the Holy Books of various religious sects: Understanding. Once we can understand something, we take the first step towards change……


Or if the link does not work, copy and past the following link into your browser:


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