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I just found out about SwapTree, SwapSimple and TitleTrader– – a site where you can swap your books, CD’s, DVD’s, and other media materials. 

Previously, I have posted about book swap sites: BookMooch, FrugalReader, PaperbackSwap and Whatsonmybookshelf

I have absolutely LOVED using the book sites – – they have provided us with reading materials that we would not likely have had otherwise!!  : ) 

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While tag-surfing, I ran across yannatopia’s blog about Book Sales.  In her blog, she included a link to a site where you can look up the Book Sales in your area. 

Here it is, Book Sale Finder Site

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I ran across another site that had this – – thought it was really cool – – and figured I would share. I will probably also have Boo do this – – will talk with her about it tomorrow. 

888 Book Challenge

Challenge Rules
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1. Challenge runs from January 1 through December 31, 2008.2. Choose 8 categories of your own that you would like to read 8 books EACH in.3. You will be allowed 8 overlaps, for a total of 56 unique book titles.4. You may overlap these 56 titles with any other challenge.

5. You may change your list or your categories at any time.

6. Post a comment here that you are participating, and I will add a link to the sidebar. Request an invite including your e-mail address if you want to post your list to this blog. However, we will NOT be writing reviews here! You may update your lists by providing the link to books read. Please use your name as a label, along with the book categories you’re reading from.

7. Check back here to see who is participating and cheer others on.

8. Participants who complete all 56 books will be in the running for in-stock books from paperbackswap.com. (I have mucho credits.) Overseas is okay!

9. Have fun reading!

1) Physician Heal, Thyself (Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Spiritual)
1) Grief Recovery handbook – – Finished 1/24/2008
2) Older than Dirt (Classic’s, Western, Historical Era Setting, etc.)
1) Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – – Finished 1/18/2008
3) For my Inner Child (Juvenile, children’s, young adult, etc.)
4) Walk in their Moccasins (memoirs, biography, autobiography, etc.)
1) Lucky by Alice Sebold – – Finished 1/26/2008
5) Play it again, Sam (Books I have already read…and want to read again!)

6) Tear Jerkers (any book that can make me cry)
1) Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom – – Finished 2/2/2008
7) What the Heck??? (Books that are not in my comfort zone, i.e.: Poetry, Vampires, Westerns, etc.)8) New to Me (Authors I have never read before) **Obviously the list is not complete…I will keep updating this list until it is done.  Don’t forget the wonderful bookswap resources out there: www.bookmooch.com, www.whatsonmybookshelf.com, www.frugalreader.com, and www.paperbackswap.com.  (If you know of others, leave me a note and let me know!!  : )  Thanks.)

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 I tried to leave two comments on this site; however, I think the spam blocker, blocked them because of all the sites I listed.  So, I will leave this up for a while – – hope it helps someone!!  : )

Although the resources would be considered free, in all actuality, you do have to pay for shipping.  I belong to several on-line book swapping sites.  In all of them, you get points when you ship out books to others – – you can, in turn, use those points to get books for yourself.  The most common cost of mailing a book is 2.13.  Very good deal for a book.  Here are the sites:

A lot of the books I use for the swaps are from the thrift shop, library sales and what I already have on hand (that we have read and are done with). 

Here are some of my favorite Free (or nearly free) resources:


Classical Music/Composers:

Language Arts



Curriculum (with LOTS of FREE resources)

Okay, there you have it – – my faves broken down…..hope this helps!!  : )

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CelticMuse asked: What are my homeschool must have’s?

Can I state the obvious: love, patience, a real zest for learning and did I mention patience?

Otherwise, here are my “must haves:”


  1. Access to a computer and printer. I have had times where I was without (when I was homeschooling my oldest – – luckily, I had a computer, printer and internet access at work (and they graciously allowed me to utilize them.)

  2. Access to books….LOTS of them!! The books I do have are dwindling rapidly. (Hence, the previous blog asking for suggestions….LOL! : ) We have a small library that is within walking distance – – so, when the need arises for ‘new’ or ‘specific’ material – – it is accessible. (I just like having TONS of books AT HOME!!)

  3. An idea of WHAT you want to teach – – this sounds obvious – – but, I know of many people (myself included), who have been or are “winging it.” Making a specific decision about curriculum makes the “must have” list MUCH shorter. : )

  4. Access to lots of manipulative material. This can be arts and crafts, toys, sand, etc. Much of this can be recyclable – – toilet tissue rolls, large empty cardboard boxes, etc……gosh, the list is endless.

  5. Not sure if it is obvious yet….but, I have a strict budget – – with very little spending room – – so I need to have a good variety of educational materials – – for an equally low price tag. I use A LOT of resources from the thrift shops I frequent (books, clothing, manipulative’s, arts and crafts). I also use SEVERAL book swap sites on-line (www.whatsonmybookshelf.com; www.frugalreader.com; www.paperbackswap.com; and www.bookmooch.com). I chose to use Ambleside Online for much of the schedule, this year. Many of the books are FREE (on-line) or can be purchased for a very reasonable amount (mostly through Dover Publishing).

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