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*Today, I got into TWO tiffs concerning our new President-elect.  This is a copy of the email I sent her….as I am sure there are other people who are in the same boat she is. 

Before I list the fact-check links, I wanted to illustrate the point I was trying to make earlier.

First, it is of no consequence how you (or anyone else) feels about a person’s politics. You are entitled to believe what ever it is you believe – – in fact, I would even go so far as to say, you have the right to do so; however, your rights END when they impede on another’s rights. Maliciously spreading untruths, is an example of impeding on another’s rights.

I hope the following example will illustrate how one small (and seemingly insignificant) untruth could really hurt someone.

If someone were to announce at the next home school function, of which you did not attend (thereby not allowing you or your family to “set the record straight”, that they heard your husband was gay or bi-sexual and someone said that they were pretty sure it wasn’t true. However, this person said that they read it in an email – – and even if it wasn’t true, his connections to homosexuals was “dangerous.” When asked what connections they were referring to, the person said, “Well, you know, he has to either know someone who is gay or knows someone who does. I mean that has got to make him dangerous.” Now, what if instead of fact-checking this information, people just spread this nasty rumor. How might this impact his life, your life or those of your children? If someone would have taken the time to: 1) STOP the nasty rumor to begin with or 2) Fact Check the information and set everyone straight, the nastiness would never have spread, at all.

On to the fact checks:


If you need more examples, let me know.

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