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So, obviously I haven’t been on here in a long time…..but, especially, I haven’t blogged about homeschool and our related adventures. Well, it is kinda complex and yet, really simple. After the Winter break, Boo basically decided not to do the work that was assigned…..which she did kinda gradually. From January until mid-March, she SLOWED WAY down on her out-put and then added arguing with me….and finally just flat refused to do the work. None of my kids seem to be really scared of me…but, they are of my Honey…LOL. (And really, he is just a big Shrek….all bark…no bite.) Problem is, for whatever reason, they listen to him….so, I told him that he was in charge of her now, as I was tired of the fighting…and I really wasn’t getting that much support from him, I guess he felt like all I needed to do was put down the law and POOF….it would all get better. I finally got so frustrated with the both of them that I told him that HE was in charge now….and I stepped back. No more arguing or fighting…just waited until he got home and said: “Now, deal with her.” This frustrated him after a while, too, as she did START listening but, then went the way of poo-pooing him, too. Finally, we all sat down and agreed on a list of things that she needed to get done daily and then would be allowed privledges: 1) Clean her room; 2) Clean the kitchen and 3) Do school work. This lasted about two days…and she has since NOT completed a day. The bad part is that I have other responsibilities; therefore, there are days where she goes to the sitter and they do lots of fun things (which feel like privileges.) So, basically I have decided to put her back in PS as of August and will. For the remainder of the summer, keep the rule as it is.

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“Visuwords turns the dictionary into a neural network; it’s the perfect interface for writers, readers, and anyone who’s curious about the English language.

Type your word into the search bar, and watch it pop up in the center of your screen. Shooting off in all directions are other, associated words. Click on those words, and open an entirely new set of words and meanings. The site — which taps into Princeton University’s WordNet database — is the most fun we’ve had with a dictionary since looking up naughty words in grade school.” – – VSL


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I’m not sure why I hadn’t blogged about this before, ’cause it’s not like it happened yesterday….LOL!!

In September, I took Boo to the public school for the Fall Standardized Tests. (We are not required to do them where we live; however, I didn’t think it would do any harm….and it gives me an idea of her progress, thus far.)
She did the same tests last Fall, while in public school; (I pulled Boo out of public school at the Winter Break) therefore, we were able to compare last years scores with this years scores. 🙂

Fall 2007 203 (Average Range 200-206)
Fall 2008 205 (Average Range 202-208)

Fall 2007 201 (Average Range 198-204)
Fall 2008 206 (Average Range 203-209)

Language Usage
Fall 2007 194 (Average Range 191-197)
Fall 2008 203 (Average Range 200-206)

I am super pleased that she tested in comparison to last year – – which means I haven’t completely messed her up (yet?) LOL!!

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I decided that this year was a great year to learn about “American History” – – especially because we were faced with the most important presidential election in my life, thus far.

I have noticed that the best way for Boo to learn, is to completely engulf her in whatever we are learning (that means books {picture, fiction, non-fiction, story, etc.}, movies, discussion, etc.).

We have covered most of the Native American early history and are almost done with the American Government studies.

Today, in the middle of watching a PBS movie about The Supreme Court, she says: “Mom, people were really messed up.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

She says, “The white peeps. They were just mean and messed up.”

I said, “Yes, Boo…..and unfortunately, peeps are still mean and messed up.”

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“According to National Geographic magazine, American youths, even the ones not competing to become Miss Teen USA, have an easier time locating the Malaysian island of Pulau Tiga on a map (Survivor was filmed there) than they do New Jersey. Suitably dismayed, NatGeo has responded with a lovely and informative website called Map of the Day.

Here you can see the location of Alan Shepard’s lunar golf game — the astronaut’s ball traveled “for miles and miles and miles” — and find out where the first baseball game was played (it was played in a small town in the hard-to-locate state of New Jersey). Follow Cortez through the Yucatan, and De Soto in Florida. Then try to guess the historical event that MotD will peg tomorrow’s map to. The daily doses are accompanied by capsule histories and quick, multiple-choice trivia tests: They’re perfectly sized geography drills for kids and parents both.” – – VSL 


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I meant to post this earlier…..but,…….
Here is last week’s Field Trip to the Zoo for 2008 Safari Zoo Edventure Day.  This is for 3rd and 4th graders in the area….we went with our homeschool group!!

[RockYou id=124330624]

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I wanted to give my daughter some options with spelling – – different activites each day.  Here is the spelling activities page I made (in PDF Format) with Bonus Braille and Morse Code Alphabet Pages (also in PDF Format): Spelling Activities
Braille Alphabet Card
Morse Code Alphabet

Most of the ideas came from several different spelling sites.  I didn’t make note of all the sites I visited – – so if you happen to recognize your idea…thank you!!  🙂

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