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“The producers of PBS’s best science show, NOVA, have posted an excellent gallery of online experiments: Skydive from 100,000 feet. Replicate Shackleton’s 800-mile open-boat journey from the South Shetland Islands to South Georgia. Tweak the variables in a steroid, a rice paddy, or a rocket. Perform a virtual heart transplant. You may get so caught up you never escape.

Our favorite experiment involves Bill Goldfinch — a British prisoner in a Nazi POW camp who looked out the window, saw snowflakes rising, and had an epiphany: Could he glide to freedom on the same updraft? Together with another prisoner, he constructed a false wall, then built a handmade, two-passenger glider behind it. They were almost finished when the war ended — but decades later, some of Goldfinch’s fellow POW-camp alums used his design to build and launch another glider, one that actually flew. Here you can test-fly a virtual version — and at far less risk of crash or capture than Goldfinch might have faced.” – – VSL


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“Oxford’s podcast series allows you to audit courses at the English-speaking world’s oldest university — free of charge, and from afar.

Learn about quantum nanotechnology while riding the subway. Study Milton in the Laundromat. And hear the creation story as it’s described in the Torah, the Bible, and the Koran. You can also hear American economist Joseph Stiglitz’s recent talk on the credit crunch (it’s the top-ranked podcast at iTunes) and tag along with Michael Palin (Oxford ’65, Monty Python ’83) as he gives you a video tour of the university and its Bodleian Library (it’s home to 9 million items, including four Magna Cartas). Oxford has launched the careers of countless movers and shakers — including 25 prime ministers. Here’s your chance to join their ranks!” – – VSL


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“MorgueFile — which provides quickly findable, high-res digital photos, free — is a graphic designer’s dream come true.

The site archives stock photographs submitted by professional and amateur shutterbugs, all of which are ready and waiting for your commercial or personal use. (N.B.: Morgue file is a newspaper term for the stock of past issues.) There’s no sign-up, no hassle, no fuss: Just take what you need and go. But the site does recommended that you credit the photographers, or be extra-polite and shoot them an e-mail. Sounds reasonable to us — if a picture’s worth a thousand words, we’ll start with “Thanks.”” – – VSL


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I wanted to give my daughter some options with spelling – – different activites each day.  Here is the spelling activities page I made (in PDF Format) with Bonus Braille and Morse Code Alphabet Pages (also in PDF Format): Spelling Activities
Braille Alphabet Card
Morse Code Alphabet

Most of the ideas came from several different spelling sites.  I didn’t make note of all the sites I visited – – so if you happen to recognize your idea…thank you!!  🙂

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Apparently, I made the contest too ‘hard’ – – so I will revise it. 

If you wanna win this book, just leave a link to your site in the comments section.  The contest will run until June 6th and I will announce a winner by June 8th.

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This week CurrClick is offering the LBC Nature Journal.  I was really excited when I saw “36-Week guide” until I downloaded it – – now I am SUPER glad that I got this for free – – not worth the almost $20. 
For those of you who are fans of the Charlotte Mason Method – – this will probably be right up your alley – – so go snag it now, for FREE…..

From the site: ”

It’s all in one place! A guide to nature journaling and a template for creating your own journal. This 90-page book follows Charlotte Mason’s guidelines, has a 36-week nature journal template, includes tips, suggestions, a bird, tree and mammal observation list and food for thought on the many ways nature study enriches your child’s life. Contains:
Introduction to Nature Study
Finding Delight in Nature Study
Charlotte Mason on Nature Study and “Nature-Diaries”
Better Nature Journaling
Dry Brush Technique for Nature Journals
Instructions for Nature Journal
36-week Nature Journal Template
Bird List
Tree list
Mammal List”


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The National Eye Institute is a division of the U.S. National Institutes of Health, and they are offering two free activity books for kids!

They contain  pages of word puzzles, family surveys, projects and experiments, and more designed to help children learn about parts of the eye and how they work, as well as eye safety and first aid for eye injuries.

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“The Chicago-based design and advertising studio Coudal Partners has gathered the most offbeat and whimsical of these collections on its website the Museum of Online Museums.

Sure, the site features links to the online homes of traditional institutions such as MoMA and the Smithsonian, but the exquisite only-on-
the-Interwebs joy comes from the curators’ selection of such wacky finds as
Airline Spoons of the World, the Cereal Box Archive, and the Gallery of Generic Mac and Cheese Packaging. The site makes almost anything — including condiment packets — feel a little worthier. After all, be it a Nebraska pay phone or a Mao suit, somebody somewhere has probably made a museum for it.” – – VSL 

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Nine Inch Nails has come out with a new CD: Ghosts I-IV.  They are offering the first nine tracks (with PDF), FREE on their website.  Just click the “order” link at the bottom left side — the page will show several options for ordering – – the free option is on the top right hand side.

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I was thinking that it would be really neat to share resources, by subject. It can take HOURS and HOURS to find just that right thing. Maybe this can help to eliminate some unnecessary searching time.

Audio Books

BookPals Story Online http://www.storylineonline.net/
At this time (2.22.2008), there are 21 books that are available. Most of the books appear to be short, younger kid books.

Children’s Books On-Line http://www.childrensbooksonline.org/library-audio.htm
At this time (2.22.2008), there are 15 read-aloud books that are available. Most of the books appear to be short, younger kid books.

Curiosoft http://www.curiosoft.com/news/audiobooks.php
At this time (2.22.2008), there are 13 read-aloud books that are available. Most of the books appear to be short, younger kid books.

Librivox http://librivox.org/
This site has MANY, MANY books on-line.

Lit 2 Go http://etc.usf.edu/lit2go/index.htm
This site has quite a few books on-line. Not only can you listen to the stories, but you can also read the book on-line, as well.

Story Nory http://storynory.com/
At this time (2.22.2008), there are 138 stories/poems available. Most of the books appear to be short, younger kid books.

Wired for Books http://www.wiredforbooks.org/index2.htm
At this time (2.22.2008), there are about 20 children’s stories available. There are also adult books available.


Children’s Books On-Line http://www.childrensbooksonline.org/library.htm
The books are listed in reading levels based on age/interest.

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