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Tina at JETIHOJA Academy posted this neat quiz….I liked it so much….I needed to do it, too!! 

What type of Mother Hen Are You?
by Montessorimom.com: Educational Resource

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I ran across another site that had this – – thought it was really cool – – and figured I would share. I will probably also have Boo do this – – will talk with her about it tomorrow. 

888 Book Challenge

Challenge Rules
Tuesday, December 30, 2008

1. Challenge runs from January 1 through December 31, 2008.2. Choose 8 categories of your own that you would like to read 8 books EACH in.3. You will be allowed 8 overlaps, for a total of 56 unique book titles.4. You may overlap these 56 titles with any other challenge.

5. You may change your list or your categories at any time.

6. Post a comment here that you are participating, and I will add a link to the sidebar. Request an invite including your e-mail address if you want to post your list to this blog. However, we will NOT be writing reviews here! You may update your lists by providing the link to books read. Please use your name as a label, along with the book categories you’re reading from.

7. Check back here to see who is participating and cheer others on.

8. Participants who complete all 56 books will be in the running for in-stock books from paperbackswap.com. (I have mucho credits.) Overseas is okay!

9. Have fun reading!

1) Physician Heal, Thyself (Self-Help, Self-Improvement, Spiritual)
1) Grief Recovery handbook – – Finished 1/24/2008
2) Older than Dirt (Classic’s, Western, Historical Era Setting, etc.)
1) Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll – – Finished 1/18/2008
3) For my Inner Child (Juvenile, children’s, young adult, etc.)
4) Walk in their Moccasins (memoirs, biography, autobiography, etc.)
1) Lucky by Alice Sebold – – Finished 1/26/2008
5) Play it again, Sam (Books I have already read…and want to read again!)

6) Tear Jerkers (any book that can make me cry)
1) Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom – – Finished 2/2/2008
7) What the Heck??? (Books that are not in my comfort zone, i.e.: Poetry, Vampires, Westerns, etc.)8) New to Me (Authors I have never read before) **Obviously the list is not complete…I will keep updating this list until it is done.  Don’t forget the wonderful bookswap resources out there: www.bookmooch.com, www.whatsonmybookshelf.com, www.frugalreader.com, and www.paperbackswap.com.  (If you know of others, leave me a note and let me know!!  : )  Thanks.)

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 My plan was to start homeschool on Wednesday; however, I have an order that may not get here until the later part of the week – – so I was contemplating a (next week) Monday start up. The problem: Boo wants to start NOW.

For the last couple of months, I have read about different curriculum’s, put together a 20 week schedule and a daily/weekly schedule, decided on the books, etc. I was right on track….until, after some additional research, I reconsidering a couple of the decisions I had made early on.

I’ve been participating on postcrossing.com for about eight months – – and knew that I would integrate it into our geography studies; however, I wasn’t sure what else I would do (in geography). Then, on a trip to the thrift shop, I found “Around the World in Eighty Days.” Instantly, I knew I had found what I was looking for…..the problem was, it is a Great Illustrated Classic dumbed down version, which did not occur to me until I started researching some of the read-aloud sites. Plus, I had been reconsidering how I would approach Art Appreciation. I had already ordered three packs of six postcards through Dover – – I would use pack of cards for one six week study per artist. Then, I saw several artists that had both the six pack AND a twenty four pack of postcards – – mind gears are turning – – I decided to order one of the twenty four pack and two of the six pack for one artist. I would be able to present two to four cards per week for our artist study – – PLUS – – I would be able to use whatever duplicates (at least six) for geography, too (postcrossing).

Finally, I also ran across storynory.com – – they have the entire unabridged version of “Alice in Wonderland,” read by the wonderful Natasha!! How could I possibly pass that up?

I went back to Dover and purchased the unabridged version of “Around the World in Eighty Days” and “Alice in Wonderland,” one twenty four and two six pack of Paul Cezanne postcards, and several 60 percent off clearance sale classic books (Cinderella (.80), Mother West Wind’s Animal Friends (.60), Hercules (.40), King Arthur (.80), Native American Myths (1.40) and Dr. Dolittle (1.58).

So, what is a Mamma to do? She improvises.

For History, I printed off “The Stories of Albion and Brutus,” which we will read and discuss. Since it is the first story, we may not have a lot to discuss – – but, the boys will be here tomorrow, too and my Honey is a history buff….so, we’ll see. For Literature, we will read and discuss “The Ants and the Grasshopper” (from Aesop’s Fables). Then, for Language Arts, she will copy the moral of the story onto the lined section of this page and in the unlined section of the page, she will illustrate the story. (I can do two fables per page.) For geography and Language Arts, we will send a postcard to a postcrossing user, research the country we will send it to, she will learn how to address a postcard and we will decide what to write. For Poetry, she will read one poem from “A Child’s Garden of Verses.” In science, we will read the first section of Chapter one in the book, “Science for Modern Living: Through the Seasons,” (1950’s) which has to do with bird migration. Yesterday at Wal-Mart, I found a “Foamie” birdhouse kit – – so we will do that for art. Finally, in math, she will do a worksheet on magic squares and we will play the game: Re-Arrange. If there is time, we may play another math game.

Whew. That sounds like a lot – – but, it shouldn’t take more than a couple hours. I am pretty excited – – which is probably why I am having a hard time going to bed. But, it IS almost 2 AM, so should at the very least LAY DOWN – – and hope to get SOME rest!! : )

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Art?  Is it in you?  Even if you are not an “artist” – – you can express yourself with the artpad at art.com.   

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While “Tag Surfing,” I ran across Lorem Ipsum’s Website – – which showed a video that poked fun at how many people view homeschooling.  It is cute and funny, so I thought I would share it, too!  : )

Video: Homeschool Fam-i-ly

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A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer,
a FREE inspirational novel – – it will lift your spirits this holiday season!

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A Cowboy’s Christmas Prayer  is an 83 page inspirational novel filled with suspense, romance, and an inspiring message that will lift your spirits and warm your heart.


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Storynory brings you a FREE audio book every week. Check out their archives while you are waiting patiently for new material!!  : )

 While doing some additional research, I found Wired for Books, which also has some FREE audio (and some video) stories for children.  (Three of the audio stories I am really, REALLY interested inare from: “Just so Stories” by Rudyard Kipling).

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This was SO much FUN!!! 

Hey, we just made total elves of ourselves

If the link above did not work, just copy and paste the address into your browser: http://www.elfyourself.com/?id=1165929124

This elfin’ greeting brought to you by OfficeMax®.

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As a Reader in general – – and a Homeschooler, specifically, I am always on the hunt for good books. One of my MySpace buddies, introduced me to Paper Back Swap. I absolutely LOVE their site!!

Today, while surfing, I came across Book Mooch, Frugal Reader and What’s on My Bookshelf. So far, they are not quite as user friendly as PBS; however, I shouldn’t be so quick to judge – – I’ll give it a couple weeks and see.

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I got this from RedMolly who got it: From the NYT Lede blog:

The president of Chile, Michelle Bachelet, is trying to encourage more of her citizenry to read books by giving boxes of as many as nine books to 400,000 poor families, according to The Economist. The big question, of course, is which nine books, exactly? The London-based weekly newsmagazine said Chile’s selected titles, like “The Catcher in the Rye” by J.D. Salinger and “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, were “unexceptionable fare.”

How about you? If you had to fill a box with nine books that everyone ought to have, what would they be? What if you had to pick just one work of literature?

Wow. Nine and only nine. What a concept! Should one go for the lofty and cerebral? The literary and timeless? The uproariously funny?

Here’s my list, which I’m sure I’ll revise mentally many times over: 

  1. A Collegiate Dictionary. I can not even tell you how often I use this resource. (Less since I have spell-check on my computer.)

  2. A Collegiate Thesaurus. For the same reason as above.

  3. A Cookbook! If you choose to cook – – a cookbook is an invaluable resource, when you begin. It is also a spectacular resource when needing specific ‘food’ questions answered.

  4. A Fix-It Manual. My husband has used this resources MANY, MANY times!!

  5. A Short History of Nearly Everything. Self Explanatory.

  6. To Kill A Mockingbird. Just ’cause I liked it.

  7. Simple Abundance. Learning gratitude is so important – – and this is a super fun way to do it.

  8. Life 101. I love how much GOOD info is in here – – AND – – I LOVE the quotes on every other page.

  9. Christmas Carol. ‘Cause it is my husbands fav. And you? I’m so tempted to tag here, despite my fear of calling anyone out by name, but rest assured that this is one in upon which I most heartily encourage y’all to weigh.

 And you?

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