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Gold Medal Flour (from Betty Crocker) is offering TWO different cookbooks for kids.  According to the PDF Order Form, you can only order until December 31, 2008.  Each book is only $3.99.

The Alpha-Bakery Children’s Cookbook


“The Alpha-Bakery Children’s Cookbook teaches kids the ABC’s of cooking. Inside you’ll find recipes for breads, cakes, cookies, desserts, main dishes and snacks. Fun activities, tips on measuring ingredients and kitchen safety are included, too.”

The Rainbow Bakery Children’s Cookbook


“The Rainbow Bakery Children’s Cookbook makes learning how to cook a “color-full” adventure! Just follow the rainbow through the cookbook to find recipes for breads, cookies, cakes, pies and main dishes. A Food Guide Pyramid, kitchen tips and fun activities are also included.”

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While tag-surfing, I ran across yannatopia’s blog about Book Sales.  In her blog, she included a link to a site where you can look up the Book Sales in your area. 

Here it is, Book Sale Finder Site

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As of February 14, 2008, Book It! (r) has opened it’s enrollment to Homeschoolers!!  YEAH!!  Thank You, Book It!

You can enroll NOW for the 2008/2009 school year.  All the festivities kick off ono October 1, 2008. 

I don’t wanna have to wait until then, in order to reward Boo for all her hard work.  I printed off the “Reading is Yummy” Reproducible, and will use it as our mothly goal form.  If she can read 10 books ON HER OWN TIME, I will take her out for a personal pan pizza each month. 

Anyway, if you are interested, just head on over to their site: Book It! for more details!  ENJOY!!

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It is that time again….


The Heart of the Matter is hosting their weekly Meme….this weeks topic: What is your favorite homeschool product.


My absolute must have is the computer and internet (high speed). I use SO many internet resources….and to have them all at my fingertips!! WOW!! Obviously, I use wordpress….then several book swap sites (www.bookmooch.com, www.paperbackswap.com, www.frugalreader.com and www.whatsonyourbookshelf.com), a similar program to Accelerated Reader (in the public school) www.bookadventure.com, a virtual bookshelf of all books read: www.shelfari.com, a fun geography and language arts connection: www.postcrossing.com  and last but certainly NOT least, is Homeschool Tracker!! 


My next most “needed” item is our globe. Seriously, I think I was more excited when Boo got it for her birthday!! LOL! With the exception of the computer/internet….this is probably the most used item.



Finally, I dragged my feet with Netflix – – but, I can not tell you how much I really LOVE the resource of having SO many great movies at our disposal. A couple weeks ago, Boo needed to watch two movies from another decade for her Brownie patch – – not only did Netflix make it SUPER EASY to find, but, we had the movie within days. The turn around time is really pretty darn good – – and the rate is totally worth it. (We have the 3-at-a-time unlimited plan for less than 20 dollars a month) – – we have averaged 12 movies a month!!



I have really enjoyed reading everyone else’s lists – – and not just this week’s. Thanks for all of your great ideas!! 🙂

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Over at The Heart of the Matter, they are featuring their weekly Meme.  This week’s (well, actually last weeks) Meme is: Where do you homeschool?


On Tuesday’s we have started going to a homeschool group.  However, when we are home, we use the whole house – – but, we spend the majority of our time in the dining room. 
Most of the time, when we read together, we do so on the living room couch.  When we listen to online stories, we will snuggle together on my bed. 
Lifeskills, cooking and science experiments are done in the kitchen. 
Our storage consists of the buffet in the dining room, the book case my Dad made (7 foot by 7 foot) and lots of plastic containers (some on rollers). 

Here’s a peek into where we do our thing…..

[rockyou id=103264129]

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Chocolate Unit Study

I am using the Educational Material available from The Field Museum as a base for this Unit Study. Of course, it is ONLY a starting point – – so there will be LOTS of other stuff I use (and will add on as I go along). 

NOTE: There are MANY, MANY more (and probably better) resources to use with this Unit Study – – I just found out that our Homeschool Group is going to a Chocolate Factory on February 15th – – so, I am putting this unit together quickly – – and with as many FREE resources as possible.

Lesson One : Where does the story of Chocolate begin?
PDF Lesson One from The Field Museum
Read the following Books (only ones related to the topics at my little, tiny library):  Max’s Chocolate Chicken by Rosemary Wells Living on a Tropical Island, and At Home in the Rain Forest by Diane Willow
Watch Movie (from Netflix): Tropical Rain Forest: IMAX
Use Rain Forest Ecosystem PDF to answer any questions
Cut out the “Rain Forest Word Sort” (Field Museum)
Use Word Sort with the “Ecosystem Web Map” (Field Museum)
Tropical Rain Forests of the World Worksheet (Enchanted Learning)

Lesson Two: What is the Anatomy of the Cacao Tree?
PDF Lesson Two from The Field Museum
Watch Movie: Ferngully: The Last Rainforest
Read about The Cacao Tree
Worksheet: Label Tree Anatomy (Enchanted Learning)
Worksheet: Brazil (Enchanted Learning)
Worksheet: Indonesia (Enchanted Learning)
Worksheet: Growing Cacao in your Backyard (Field Museum)

Lesson Three: Cacao Ecosystem Threats?
PDF Lesson Four from The Field Museum
Worksheet: Peru (Enchanted Learning)
Discuss Cacao Ecosystem (Field Museum)
Worksheet/Project: Cacao Web Cards (Field Museum)

Lesson Four: What are other Natural products connected with Cacao?
PDF Lesson Three from The Field Museum
Read and Discuss: How to Read the Food Label Teacher Handout
Worksheet: Natural Ingredient Web (Field Museum)
Worksheet: Chocolate Bar Math (Fractions)

Worksheet: Chocolate Nutrition

Lesson Five: From Cacao Pod to Chocolate Bar
PDF Lesson Five and Six from The Field Museum
Read PDF: From Cacao Pod to Chocolate Bar
Read: “Dipped in Chocolate” (Article from March 2008 Highlights Magazine)
Watch Movie: Milton Hershey: The Chocolate King
Worksheet: Ecuador (Enchanted Learning)
Worksheet: Chocolate Fractions (Need a Hershey Bar)
Worksheet: Sensory Details (Use the Hershey Bar)
Watch: Online Slideshow


Lesson Six: Maya and Aztec Connection
PDF Lesson “How did the Maya and Aztec Use Chocolate” from The Field Museum:
Read: “Early History of Chocolate”
Watch Movie: Mayan and Aztec’s (from Netflix)
Reviewed the different Mayan Script
Decorated the PDF applicable script (for us)
Decorated a “Ceremonial Goblet” with the script
Make Aztec Chocolate Drink

Lesson Seven: European Influence
PDF Lesson “How did the Europeans use and Influence the Development of Chocolate?” from The Field Museum: http://www.fieldmuseum.org/chocolate/education.html
Read: “History of Chocolate in Europe
Read PDF about Cacao and Sugar Growing Conditions
Venn Diagram Number 1: Bitter vs. Sweet Chocolate
Venn Diagram Number 2: Cacao Bean vs. Sugar Cane/Beet

Lesson Eight: Chocolate as we Know It
Read: “The Quakers” and “Chocolate as we Know it”
Chocolate Word Search
Chocolate Copy Work and Picture: “All I really need is love, but a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt! – Lucy Van Pelt (From Charlie Brown)
Final Test
Make Chocolate Bar (Design Chocolate Bar with worksheet – – then make it with the generic {and SUPER easy recipe})
Super Easy PDF Recipe for “Candy Bar” (aka Fudge)

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My friend Becky, at Home Sweet Homeschool, alterted me to a freebie from the Simply Charlotte Mason website.

Three of Charlotte Mason’s key ideas are presented in this FREE e-book, called, “Education Is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.”  If you are at all interested in the CM method – – or just want to find out more…..run on over and check it out.

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