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“The producers of PBS’s best science show, NOVA, have posted an excellent gallery of online experiments: Skydive from 100,000 feet. Replicate Shackleton’s 800-mile open-boat journey from the South Shetland Islands to South Georgia. Tweak the variables in a steroid, a rice paddy, or a rocket. Perform a virtual heart transplant. You may get so caught up you never escape.

Our favorite experiment involves Bill Goldfinch — a British prisoner in a Nazi POW camp who looked out the window, saw snowflakes rising, and had an epiphany: Could he glide to freedom on the same updraft? Together with another prisoner, he constructed a false wall, then built a handmade, two-passenger glider behind it. They were almost finished when the war ended — but decades later, some of Goldfinch’s fellow POW-camp alums used his design to build and launch another glider, one that actually flew. Here you can test-fly a virtual version — and at far less risk of crash or capture than Goldfinch might have faced.” – – VSL


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Brought to you by the Digital Scholarship Lab at the University of Richmond, these insanely detailed, fully interactive electoral maps are sure to unleash your inner Karl Rove. (And then you must re-leash him.)

Here’s how it works: Want to watch an animated map that breaks down third-party votes in the 1912 presidential campaign? Click here. Want to see who voted against Lincoln in 1860? Done. Want a chief executive who’ll keep this nation afloat? Better get out and vote on November 4!

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