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Learning happens….even when you least expect it……..at the grocery store, Taco Bell, and Wal-Mart, for Pete’s Sake. Today Boo learned how to handle conflict, evaluate problems and make decisions.

That kind of learning is emotionally draining……so, in an attempt to cope, I turned to “Tuesdays with Morrie.”

Was I smoking crack? Seriously. Who in the hell picks up a ‘thinking’ book when they don’t wanna think?

Apparently, that would be me. Death/Dying……loss……and in the midst of all that…….Life Lessons…..Gratitude. Damn it.

I decide I need a break….my idea….take a bath. Hello, when will I learn to put the crack pipe down? When I enter the tub, I get all think-y and feel-y. UUGGHH!!

FINE!! I suppose what I really need to do is pull out the Grats Bag.


  1. I am grateful for my husband. He works SO hard so that I can stay home and hang with my young one. He is my rock and my lifesaver. One of the few people who has always believed in me…..even in the darkest hours. He saves me from myself. He loves me, it seems, unconditionally. Plus, he’s hot….. 😉

  2. I am grateful for the generosity of others……30 pounds of bologna, 3 pounds of sausage and two boxes of canned goods. Anyone have ideas for bologna? (Yeah, not a typo……THIRTY pounds.)

  3. I am grateful for Boo. She is my other lifesaver. Before she was born, I was convinced that I had the Midas Touch….the last two babies I touched, stopped breathing. Not the ideal “Touch.” She was patient with me – – and never gave up. She loved me through all of my stumbling……all of my re-learning ‘how’ to care for an infant. She keeps it real…..all the time. In a ten minute time span, she can have me laughing and crying. For example, today she said these wing-dingers: In line at Aldi’s, “Is it me or are you getting creepier?” – – Driving down the road, “Her heart may be full of meanness, but my heart is full of love.” – – Me: “Why do you want to do that?” Her: “Love. It’s all about Love.” – – “I am warming up your heart with Joy, ain’t I?”

  4. I am SO grateful that I get to homeschool. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! Today was one of those days when all of the anxiety of homeschooling is shadowed by the pure knowledge that this is the right thing for us.

  5. I’m grateful for my Book Swap sites….they have given me “gods in Alabama,” “For One More Day,” “The Five People you Meet in Heaven,” and “Tuesdays with Morrie.” Can you tell I am diggin’ Mitch Albom?

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