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“Hold the globe up to a funhouse mirror and you’ll get a sense of what the Atlas of the Real World’s all about: Here, you’ll find a series of global maps, all of which reshape countries according to various demographic rankings.

Take housing prices: On that map, Western Europe is as big as — well — a house, but Africa barely registers. India and China rule the rails (hence their plump presence on the trains map), while the U.S. dominates the skies. Which country is just bursting with mopeds? Greece is the word! China was the richest country 2,000 years ago — and according the projected 2015 map, it’ll be the richest country in the world again soon. And anyone who’s nostalgic for the Cold War can take comfort in the nuclear-weapons map: The U.S. and Russia are as massive as they ever were.” – – VSL


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“According to National Geographic magazine, American youths, even the ones not competing to become Miss Teen USA, have an easier time locating the Malaysian island of Pulau Tiga on a map (Survivor was filmed there) than they do New Jersey. Suitably dismayed, NatGeo has responded with a lovely and informative website called Map of the Day.

Here you can see the location of Alan Shepard’s lunar golf game — the astronaut’s ball traveled “for miles and miles and miles” — and find out where the first baseball game was played (it was played in a small town in the hard-to-locate state of New Jersey). Follow Cortez through the Yucatan, and De Soto in Florida. Then try to guess the historical event that MotD will peg tomorrow’s map to. The daily doses are accompanied by capsule histories and quick, multiple-choice trivia tests: They’re perfectly sized geography drills for kids and parents both.” – – VSL 


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