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“Sooner or later, the universe comes down to this: We, the people, don’t matter that much. Our planet is a speck of dust, orbiting a middling star, in an out-of-the-way corner of a totally minor solar system. And in the greatest scheme of things, there’s not a whole lot any one of us can do about anything at all. Spend enough time staring up at the skies, and the heavens themselves turn hellish.

If that train of thought sounds familiar to you, you may want to check out Astronomy Photo of the Day a website the rocket scientists at NASA cooked up for those of us who never got over our freshman-year existentialism seminars. The images are stunning — the gaseous swirl of a distant supernova looks like something you’d find on a religious icon — and each picture comes with an easy-to-digest, down-to-earth explanation. Find out what a “thousand ruby galaxy” is. Learn to photograph the Milky Way with a simple digital camera. Impress the folks at any given Star Trek convention. Hamlet was right: There are more things in heaven than are dreamt of in philosophy. See many of them here, and feel bigger than the universe that dwarfs us.” – – VSL 


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