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“One hundred twenty-five years ago, Wilson “Snowflake” Bentley took the first microphotographs of snow; 46 years later he died of pneumonia contracted while photographing snowflakes in his barn. Today, CalTech physicist Kenneth Libbrecht is carrying Bentley’s work into the 21st century — and posting the findings online.

Libbrecht’s gallery includes a remarkably beautiful photograph of the “stellar dendrite” — a many-branched, starlike form that creates the light, fluffy powder that skiers adore. You’ll also see a “hollow column” (which resembles a tiny pipette) and the superdelicate “needle” snowflake, which appears only when the temperature nears 23 degrees F. Keep looking, and you’ll find prisms, sectored plates, and the rare triangular snowflake. According to Libbrecht, each of these flakes holds about a billion billion molecules.” – – VSL


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“MorgueFile — which provides quickly findable, high-res digital photos, free — is a graphic designer’s dream come true.

The site archives stock photographs submitted by professional and amateur shutterbugs, all of which are ready and waiting for your commercial or personal use. (N.B.: Morgue file is a newspaper term for the stock of past issues.) There’s no sign-up, no hassle, no fuss: Just take what you need and go. But the site does recommended that you credit the photographers, or be extra-polite and shoot them an e-mail. Sounds reasonable to us — if a picture’s worth a thousand words, we’ll start with “Thanks.”” – – VSL


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“Plato insisted that the most beautiful things were invisible — that perfect forms are too perfect to see. Well, Plato would have loved the Wellcome Image competition, which limits itself tophotographs of subjects that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

This year’s winners are an eclectic bunch: Here’s a carpet of concave blood cells. There’s a collection of Vitamin C crystals (they look like seashells). And — the most memorable images — terrifying photographs of bodily decay. The photo of a prostate tumor captures metastasizing cells as they consume neighboring tissue. The breast-cancer cell looks like a shard of stained glass, and a ruptured capillary leaks blood like a broken pipe. The photographs are so beautiful, it’s easy to forget that each one is a tragic portrait — a vision of the body falling slowly apart.” – – VSL


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It is that time again….


The Heart of the Matter is hosting their weekly Meme….this weeks topic: What is your favorite homeschool product.


My absolute must have is the computer and internet (high speed). I use SO many internet resources….and to have them all at my fingertips!! WOW!! Obviously, I use wordpress….then several book swap sites (www.bookmooch.com, www.paperbackswap.com, www.frugalreader.com and www.whatsonyourbookshelf.com), a similar program to Accelerated Reader (in the public school) www.bookadventure.com, a virtual bookshelf of all books read: www.shelfari.com, a fun geography and language arts connection: www.postcrossing.com  and last but certainly NOT least, is Homeschool Tracker!! 


My next most “needed” item is our globe. Seriously, I think I was more excited when Boo got it for her birthday!! LOL! With the exception of the computer/internet….this is probably the most used item.



Finally, I dragged my feet with Netflix – – but, I can not tell you how much I really LOVE the resource of having SO many great movies at our disposal. A couple weeks ago, Boo needed to watch two movies from another decade for her Brownie patch – – not only did Netflix make it SUPER EASY to find, but, we had the movie within days. The turn around time is really pretty darn good – – and the rate is totally worth it. (We have the 3-at-a-time unlimited plan for less than 20 dollars a month) – – we have averaged 12 movies a month!!



I have really enjoyed reading everyone else’s lists – – and not just this week’s. Thanks for all of your great ideas!! 🙂

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Our normal science reading corresponded nicely with the groundhog day festivities a couple days before. Even thought we were a (couple) days late, it was really nice.

Science-Read about hibernating animals. Worksheet about the Groundhog.

Geography-Boo chose ten “famous Groundhog Celebration” locations – – she needed to find the coordinates and then locate the city using the aforementioned coordinates.

History-We read Chapter 4 from An Island Story and the history of Groundhog Day.

Literature/Language Arts-Boo read “The Travelers and the Plane Tree” from Aesop’s Fables, then did the copy work (title and moral). She also did a short Groundhog Word search.

Math-Groundhog Fractions

Quiz from Silent ReadingThe Bravest Dog Ever: The True Story of Balto and The Best Way to Play

Poetry-Read XV – “Auntie’s Skirts” from A Child’s Garden of Verses

Chocolate Unit Study-Watched the movie: Ferngully: The Last Rainforest



Today was REALLY hard and stressful – – so, after several attempts, we just called that her “day off.”

Brownie Patch-Watched Movie: 1940’s Movie – National Velvet

Geography/Unit Study-Brazil Worksheet

Language Arts-Started Painless Grammar: Nouns.

Quiz from Silent ReadingJunie B. Jones: Is Not a Crook and Junie B. Jones: and a Little Monkey Business

Science/Unit Study-Boo used a tree anatomy worksheet to draw what she imagined a Cacao Tree would look like. Then, we had a discussion and picture show of real Cacao Trees.



Brownie Patch-Watched Movie: 1940’s Movie – Dumbo

Geography/Unit Study-Studied Indonesia (specifically Java); then tasted chocolate specifically from the island of Java.

History-Read “The Story of Cincinnatus” from Fifty Famous Stories

Language ArtsPainless Grammar: Nouns. Copy work: “The Eagle and the Arrow” from Aesop’s Fables. Unit Study-Writing assignment:Grow a Cacao Tree in your backyard.

Literature-Read “The Eagle and the Arrow” from Aesop’s Fables.

MathMiquon Math

Poetry– Read XVI – ” The Land of Counterpane” from A Child’s Garden of Verses



Brownie Patch-Assemble the “Through the Years” Lapbook

Geography/Unit Study-Studied Peru with a follow the directions worksheet.

History-Read “King Alfred and the Beggar” from Fifty Famous Stories

Language ArtsPainless Grammar: Nouns. Copy work: “The Two Crabs” from Aesop’s Fables.

Literature-Read “The Two Crabs” from Aesop’s Fables.

MathMiquon Math pgs. M-1 and M-2

Poetry– Read XVII – “The Land of Nod” from A Child’s Garden of Verses

Science/Unit Study-Discussed the Cacao Ecosystem – – and how all things within it are important; then, did an ecosystem worksheet.



Brownie Patch-Play game on Girl Scout Website and Food Label Compairison

History-Read “Androclus and the Lion” from Fifty Famous Stories

Language Arts– Copy work: “The Fox and the Woodman” from Aesop’s Fables.

Literature-Read “The Fox and the Woodman” from Aesop’s Fables.

Math/Unit Study-Chocolate Bar Math (Fractions)

Poetry– Read XVIII – “My Shadow” from A Child’s Garden of Verses

Science/Unit Study-Discuss Food Labels; Chocolate Nutrition Page; Natural Ingredient Web

Here is our week in pictures…..


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This week’s AAR, I am going to do a little differently. Suffice it to say that we are behind in ALL subjects; however, we did have a good week – – and we did complete one thing (in its entirety).


History – Read Chapter 3: “The Romans Come Again” from An Island Story.

History – Christopher Columbus Worksheet (Extra Credit)

Literature – “The Elephant’s Child” from Just So Stories.

Science – Read Information about Elephants.

Science – Elephant Quiz

Poetry – “Windy Nights” from A Child’s Garden of Verses.

Silent Reading – Finished Reading Junie B. Jones: First Grader: Boo…and I Really Mean It.

Reading – Quiz on www.BookAdventure.com on Junie B. Jones: First Grader: Boo…and I Really Mean It.

Literature – Chapters 7 and 8 from Alice in Wonderland.

Music Appreciation – Read about Keyboard Instruments

Music Appreciation – Lapbook: Keyboards



Field Trip – County Courthouse



Art Appreciation – Read Pg. 73 – “Outline and Contour Line” from A World of Art.

Art Appreciation – Introduced “Mount Sainte-Victoire” by Paul Cezanne by Index Card.

Geography – Learn where Peraseinajoki, Finland (Card Received) is.

Geography – Learn where Vaasa, Finland (Card Sent) is.

History – Read “The Story of Regulus” from Fifty Famous Stories Retold.

Literature – Read “The Fox and the Stork” from Aesop’s Fables.

Language Arts – Copy work from “The Fox and the Stork” (Aesop’s Fables).

Language Arts – Copy Work: Copy paragraph onto postcard to Finland.

Literature – Read Chapter 9 and 10 from Alice in Wonderland.

Silent Reading – Finished reading Junie B. Jones: First Grader: Toothless Wonder.

Reading – Quiz on www.BookAdventure.com on Junie B. Jones: First Grader: Toothless Wonder.

Poetry – “Travel” from A Child’s Garden of Verses.

Science – Worksheet on The Cactus Wren



Field Trip – Extended Lessons on County Courthouse



Literature – Read Chapters 11 and 12 from Alice in Wonderland.

Literature – Watched Movie: Alice in Wonderland.

Reading – Quiz on www.BookAdventure.com on Alice in Wonderland.

Science – Field Trip: Grandma Hoerner’s Food and Factory

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My Girls…..
Boo (Left) and
Sassy Sissy (Right)

Boo (Left) and Sassy Sissy (Right)

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