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I’m not sure why I hadn’t blogged about this before, ’cause it’s not like it happened yesterday….LOL!!

In September, I took Boo to the public school for the Fall Standardized Tests. (We are not required to do them where we live; however, I didn’t think it would do any harm….and it gives me an idea of her progress, thus far.)
She did the same tests last Fall, while in public school; (I pulled Boo out of public school at the Winter Break) therefore, we were able to compare last years scores with this years scores. 🙂

Fall 2007 203 (Average Range 200-206)
Fall 2008 205 (Average Range 202-208)

Fall 2007 201 (Average Range 198-204)
Fall 2008 206 (Average Range 203-209)

Language Usage
Fall 2007 194 (Average Range 191-197)
Fall 2008 203 (Average Range 200-206)

I am super pleased that she tested in comparison to last year – – which means I haven’t completely messed her up (yet?) LOL!!

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“As office managers and cubicle dwellers know, the Internet is a great help for procrastinating on the job (ahem: Scrabulous). But now wasting time at the office has become much less risky, thanks to Read at Work, a website that houses cleverly disguised books in a fake Windows desktop environment; the days of bookworms’ desperately clicking back to a spreadsheet when the boss approached are over.

The site is a dead-on simulation of Windows with the books organized in desktop folders. Click and you’ll see the text rendered as a Power Point presentation, with the words rolling into graphics, charts, and photo captions. You can read short stories, novels, and poetry — by canonical authors such as Tolstoy and Orwell, and contemporary writers like Charlotte Grimshaw and Fiona Kidman.

The site, designed by the company Colenso BBDO, Auckland, is an effort by the New Zealand Book Council to entice people into reading. Sold.” – – VSL 

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Boo has done a LOT of reading (and consequently) a LOT of test taking at Book Adventure. The first prize that she chose was six months of Highlights.

The second prize she chose was an educational {computer} CD called “What’s the Secret (Volume 1)” from Whitney Worldwide Inc. (Shown Below)

The third prize she chose was an autographed book called “The Barefoot Fisherman” by Paul Amdahl. (Shown Below)

We received the CD today (although it was ordered a while back). There was a nice surprise inside. They included an order form for volumes 2 and 3 at $20 off EACH CD. I was struggling to find another prize to use, as she has already done the “cool” ones on the site. I told her that I would use the same amount of points that she “paid” for the first CD.


I would be really interested in some of the parent motivated ideas……

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My daughter and I have just finished listening to book 2 of 3 in the Moongobble and Me series by Bruce Coville.  It is a 3rd grade level book; however, while listening to it, I know that younger children will be able to comprehend it.  The lessons are very cool – – and worthy of additional discussion.  The three books in the series are: The Dragon of Doom, The Weeping Werewolf and The Evil Elves.  (The titles are more sinister sounding than the actual stories….so, please don’t judge these books by their titles!!!)

I hope you enjoy them as much as we are!!  HAPPY READING!!

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