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What a great language arts lesson…..

“The Omnificent English Dictionary invites you to rewrite the definition of every single word in our language — in limerick form.

Thus far, the online database has published 48,000-plus poems (and that only takes it up to the D’s). Here’s an example sent in by frequent contributor Meg Beagle, for the definition of agasp:


I am, as they say, all agasp.
I ruined my Maidenform’s clasp.
Now going cold turkey,
Just one side is perky.
The other is out of my grasp.


Who needs a dictionary illustration after reading something like that? Limericks, of course, tend toward the racy, but the site’s keepers do trust you to stick within the boundaries of good taste. Nantucket, we’ve got our eye on you!” – – VSL


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SpellingCity is a new FREE Spelling Site.  I checked out the words under the “sample list” tab – – there seems to be enough to sustain most (if not all) of an entire school year. 

The site has some great games.  In the testing section, you have the option to have the word spoken AND you can have the word spoken in  a sentence.

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